Brief on Alexandria port library:

Do you know that Alexandria port has a library at customs building no. 27 at El-Qabbary, at which it contains a great groups of books & references reaching a total no. of 2300 in different fields of knowledge & sciences including:

1- General knowledge.
2- Philosophy & psychology.
3- Politics.
4- Economics.
5- General management.
6- General issues.
7- Physics, chemistry & geology.
8- Anthropology, botany, zoology & entomology.
9- Arabic & English languages.
10- Medical sciences.
11- Engineering, applied physics, mineral engineering, marine engineering & civil engineering.
12- Arabic literature.
13- International literature.
14- Art (sculpture, fine arts & music)
15- Genealogy & translations.
16- General geography & surveying.
17- Encyclopedia & dictionaries.
18- Social, private, procedural, comparative laws.
19- Religion books in fiqh, sirah, quran explanation & hadith sciences.
20- Books & stories of children.

In addition to releases of international maritime organization in fields of international agreements & memorandums & issues of maritime laws & marine engineering.
You are welcomed even if you was not in the port authority & you will be able to read books & photocopy some of its content with a ratio of 20% as well as Alexandria bibliotheca.
If you was from the employees of Alexandria port authority, all you have to do is to fill a membership form with two personal photos & just a few minutes you will be a friend of our library & will be capable of borrowing books.
The library administration welcomes all your suggestions through our website or through the E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on +203/4837161 , inner office 1100.

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