Chairman of A.P.A demanded inspectors of yards and berths to activate their roles to keep rights and possessions of port and increasing the loading and unloading rates

Captain / Tarek Shahin – Chairman of A.P.A held a meeting with leaders and employees of the Central Zones Departments to activate their roles in every positions, it is necessary to keep the rights and possessions of the port, also he asked not to allow the existed scrap and of any out of work equipments in the yards, Captain / Shahen aked the inspectors of the Zones to prevent any wrong and keep the possessions of the port and to be positive and behave strictly with others.
He also added that the equipment of the berth must be transferred to its right place after finishing loading, unloading works directly, as its staying on the berth is against the rules and laws of the work, he assured that this is the role of zones inspectors and they should follow the works of the yards and berths to control any violations such as pollution or violation of clearance terms or misuse of machines, equipment, yards or storage.
He demanded also the Zones inspectors to control the rates of loading and unloading to make sure that the companies are bound by the rates of shipping, who ever contrives this foreshadows and is punished for raise the fright rates.
At the end of the meeting, Captain / Shahen praised the work of central administration of the zones, he asked the employee to develop and update to increase the rates and improve the performance of the port.