Increase in Alex port Authority performance during the current financial year:

Admiral/ Medhat Attia - the chairman of Alexandria port Authority had announced that the total amount of handled cargo for companies allowed to operate on containers had been increased to be 1.83 million T.E.U during 2018/2019 by 9 % comparing by the last year.
The total handled cargo had been 9.1 million tons by increase 30% that of the last year.
The Formal speaker of A.P.A - Mr/ Reda El Ghandour had been announced that the increase in container operator even at containers or out terminal or the transport by land had been increased than the last year by 9% as it had been recorded 2019 to be 1826733 while it were 1679351 T.E.U in 2018 concerning the weight the containerized cargo weights had been recorded 27833138 in 2019 comparing 16670504 in 2018 by increase 790.
As he added that the direct debit performance rates had been increased recorded 7778655 tons comparing 5901989 tons in 2018 by increase 32%.
At El Dekheila port the three were 1302007 tons in 2019 comparing to 2018 that were 1099936 tons in 2018 by increase 1890.
The total liquid bulk had also increased in 2019 to be 10768090 ton comparing to 965941 in 2018 by increase 11%.
The dry bulk was 29651899 ton in 2019 comparing with that 26348157 ton in 2018 by increase 13%.   9-7-2019