Minister of Transport follows the rate of executing number of projects in Alexandria and ElDekheila ports and axis of connection in the west of Alexandria
- Adm. Eng. / Kamel ElWazir – announced finishing the executing ElDekheila axis he is going to watch the excremental operating of two floors in multi-floors garage he is also following the works of executing the free connection that connect Alex. Port with the high way coast international road with zone gate 54 and he is going also to watch evacuation the site of the multipurpose terminal project on berths 55 to 62.
- The minister: The priority is to turn the Egyptian Port to Green Port according to directive of political leadership.
- The minister of transportation Admiral Engineer / Kamel ElWazeer watched some projects that are executing in Alexandria and ElDekheila Port and the connect axis in west Alexandria where he started his inspection tour by watching ElDekheila axis which connect ElDekheila Port with coastal international road where he declared the finishing of executing this important axis and the remaining some electric works, he said that it will participate to solve the problem of traffic west of Alexandria and change the traffic movement to and from the port and the industrial zone that reached to 350 trucks daily now – it is expected to reach to be 5000 trucks during 3 years – to the highway (The Coastal international road) directly without passing the housing area which cannot receive the heavy transport movement.
- The Admiral. Engineer / Kamel ElWazer – watched the executing of constructing free connect project that connect Alexandria Port with the quick coastal international road in gate zone 54, he instructed to finish the work quickly and removing any obstacles to finish the project in January 2020 he pointed that this project will participate to facilitate the traffic movement and transporting the cargoes from Alexandria Port to the coastal international road to lighten the crowdedness of traffic in ElMex street and ElWardian zone and finish the problem of heavy transporting in public streets in west Alexandria.
- The minister of transport watched the experimental operation for two operation for two floors of the multi storys garage and he gave his instructions to concentrate the additional work to reach four floors (Five levels) and its storage capacity is about 3500 cars with cost LE407 million to finish the problem of cars congestion, he added that this project is aiming to receive the increasing demand of importing and storage cars in the customs department, and serve the touristic zone that will construct in the future, then he watched the removing the site of multipurpose terminal project on berths 55-62 where the minister declared that it is going to construct the multipurpose terminal on berths from 55 to 62 in Alexandria port on area 560000m with berths 2480 and depths 17m, he added that the handling capacity in the terminal will be from 15 to 18 million ton annually, the containers handling will reach to million and 250 thousand containers, the terminal can receive 6 ships in the same time and the total cost of the project will reach to 550 million dollar, he pointed that this project will raise the classify of Alexandria port that will have a great positive effect to the system of maritime transport, he also watched the dry dock zone the main workshops and watched the maintenance works that done to the maritime parts, equipment and cars in the dock and workshops and he instructed to develop these workshops that considers great additional of the port, he also assured to change the Egyptian ports to be green according to the instructions of the republic president, he assured also to change Alexandria port into a (Green Port – Friend of Environment) as executing the adjustment of the environment to the Green Ports which accepted as international characteristics, we will write new solutions to the environmental Problems that emphasis the quality of Air, reduce the noise and executing the most modern technologies to administrate the systems of loading, unloading, storage cargo handling, enter and exit of cars and cargoes to and from the port, to reduce the negative effects on the environment, its soil, water and Air, then the minister went to the Egyptian Authority of maritime shipping safety where he met the labours in Authority and he assured to join approvals with production 26-7-2019