El-Dekheila Yards

 First : Mineral Ores storing Yards

1. Iron ore  storing yards:
With an area of 60 thousands m2 with total capacity about 500 thousands ton.
2. coke storing yards:
With an area of 18 thousands m2 with total capacity 150 thousands ton, plus 20 thousands m2 for coal storing yards.
3. petroleum coke storing yards:
With an area of 10 thousands m2 with the  capacity of 350 thousands ton annually.

 Second: container handling yards
Container terminal with an area of 408304 m2 with total capacity of 500 thousands containers annually.
 Third: General cargos yards

 The area of general cargoes terminal is 110 thousands m2.

 Fourth: Back yards

 The area of these yards is 1 million m2 (approximately).


El-Dekheila Terminals

First: El-Dekhila container terminal

- Total area of terminal is 408304 m2.

- Total capacity is 1000000 containers per year.

- 300 links to refrigerated containers. 

Second: Grains terminal Berths
It is served by berths no. 92, 94/1 , 94/2, 94/3, 94/4 with a total length of 1310 feet and depth of 12 m to 14 m. there are 2 silos with 130,000 tons storage capacity for each. Each.silo is equipped with two suckers with a power of 500 tons per hour each.