The board of directors of the company had held (The Egyptian group of multi purposes terminals) by attending the minister of transportation Admiral Engineer/ Kamel El Wazeer had follow the last Works of constructing the multi purposes terminal on berth 55 in Alexandria port:

The meeting  was held in the minstry of transportation the board of directors in the company of the Egyptian Group of multi purposes terminal by attending the minister of transportation - Admiral Engineer/ Kamal El Wazeer and Admiral / Mohab Mamesh - The Co. Chairman of Suez Canal Authority and Economic Zone and the members of the board of directors where they discussed the latest contraction work at the multipurpose terminal in berth 55 in Alexandria port where he watched the executing ratios of the project by watching the final designs of the constructing berths and finishing the studies and following the soil study that executing in the port the study of developing the port berths and deeping the exterior and interior of the waterway to receive giant ships and small ships and also the swift protocol sign of supervising the engineering Authority of the project to nominate the project contractors from the Egyptian national companies to execute the berths constructing according to the indicated time table through the project counselors.
The minister of transportation declared that the terminal is executing in area 560.000 meter with berths 2480 meter length and the 17 meter length and the handling capacity increased from 15 to 18 million tons annually and the containers handling will record one million two hundred and fifty thousand TEU.
The terminal can receive 6 ships in the same time and he added that the total cost of the project will be 550 million Dollars.
Admiral/ Mohab memsh pointed that executing this terminal will increase Alexandria port classification of and all facilities of Suez Canal Authority will be used to succeed this project which will have a great positivr effect in maritime transport system in  Alexandria.
We want to mention that the posses of this company will return to Alexandria port Suez canal and the maritime transport of holding company with ratios 33.33 and 34 consecutively.  11-6-2019