How to use the new services submitted through the site For registered users only?
- prior accepting  the mooring request ,financial recouncliation with Alex port authority must  be submitted to guarantee  the vessels voyage.
There are some services have been added through the site:
1- Submission of mooring request.
2- Monitoring the vessels traffic inside the port.
(For more details please login using your own username and password)
How to submit the mooring request and explore the vessels position inside the port? 
1- In the user menu there is a link called SPS Online 
(Smart Port  Solution). 
2- Reconfirming the username and password once again for highly data secure, after logging in select (port-port management system ) from the upper menu then a side menu will appear to the right of the screen with a name of vessels movements and after having a click the two services will appeare in such way  :    
    A -"Maritime agency requests "then click upon this service the screen of submitting the mooring request will appear and through which we can submit the new request, asking for  maritime service request , vessel movement request whereas every single agency should has its own data and requests that have  been submitted .   
    B -"Current Vessels position" this services will show the vessel position concerning its name, nationality, type, agent, arrival date, departure date and berth no. within the 24 hours.