What are the procedures submitted to the arrival passengers?
1-The Egyptian arrival passengers :
 a- Revising the passport and concur it with its owner and applying any legal procedures agniest the violator  .  
 b-Issueing an arrival card to every passport ,recording  down each of the  arrival companions in the passport ,ID and passport will be sealed with the arrival seal and if the companion age is over 16  year the guardian has to write down a commitment to draw him a separate passport  . c-The same previous rules will be applied when the citizen arrived with an  expired passport .
 d-The same previous rules will be  applied when the arrival has a marine or private or diplomatic    passport.
 e-When a citizen arrived with a temporary passport ( because of its losting …….est ) the passport  officer has to investigate the personality and excute the  instructions that must be followed in such  case and permit him to enter the country with a separated card.
2-the foreign passenger :
 a-He has to carry a valid  passport from a public authority or  any other  authority that  has the validation to do so  that give him the permission to be back to his countery and he may be given a previous enterance visa or compulsory visa in return of 15$ .  
 b- Permit the citizens from ( ITaly – Jermany – Belguin – france portogal) to enter the country with identification  card.
 c-The passport has to be valid for at least 2monthes from the end of the accommodation given .
-In all previous cases  the arrival card should be issuing  for the non Egyptian resident and  the         passport  should be sealed  and the permitted accommodation should be determined according to the instructions.
Remark 1
it is not  allowable to issue  any visa or passport from un admitted country by Egypt's  government or issued through an  agreement not signed by Egypt.
remark 2
the enterance of the non resident through  Egypt may be because of passing by and not for resident with the condition that Egypt must be in his transit to the targted countery and approved within his   passport or document and he must has an enterance visa to the selected countery and a confirmed  airline  ticket within a week.