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Alexandria Port Authority

The Port of Alexandria still occupies the issues between ports of the Arab Republic of Egypt regarding the volume of traffic, where approximately 60% of Egypts foreign trade is handled through the port of Alexandria

The City of Alexandria is located at the west end of the River Nile between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariot. It is considered the second most important city and the main port in Egypt, it handles over three quarters of Egypts foreign trade Alexandria port consists of two harbors ( East and west ) separated by . a T-shaped peninsula. The East harbor is shallow and is not used in navigation. The West harbor is used for commercial shipping. The harbor is formed by tow converging breakwaters. No development was made to the port for many years until an integrated plan was set for the various areas of work in the port

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 Announcement of public tenders

Ministry of Transportation
Alexandria Port Authority

The authority announces the public tender for the fiscal year 2019/2020

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Disclaimer for shipping agencies

Gentlemen / Shipping Agencies
After Greetings

Within the framework of the endeavor of the General Authority of Alexandria Port to develop and improve the level of service provided to shipping agencies, we inform you that the General Authority of Alexandria Port has published the trial broadcast of the new website of the Authority Accordingly, you can request a user name and password on the new website through the technical support system by entering the link requesting a new username for the new website and send a request to the website team to receive the password on the new website will be sent password The new program on the same program to be changed the password by you after the first login by logging on to the user list after login.

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Important Announcement

- Managing, Operating and marketing the trade center project in touristic passengers' terminal in Alexandria Port among the specialized companies in this field.
- Granting advertizing clearance in ElDekheila and Alexandria Ports to the companies that want to put advertisement which belong to them in ElDekheila and Alexandria Ports.

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Important notice to shipping chamber

Mrs. / Shipping Chamber

Good Greetings,

According to A.P.A which do its best to develop and improve the level of service to the shipping agencies, so we would like to inform you that A.P.A published a program to offer the technical support to the shipping agencies of system SPS in the electronic site of authority where the shipping agencies could register a report of the demanded technical support and obtaining automatically of privet number from the program for this demand and also offer the demand to the concerned team to have quick solve, it is possible to follow your demand and know the level of achievement around 24/7,365 Days a year we have also telephone numbers  03/4863278 – 03/4807325 – they are dedicating to offer the technical support to the system SPS around 24h – 24 – 7 -  365 Day,
Please be informed that, shipping agencies have to send representative from every agency to receive the user name, password and training of how can you use the program.