Alexandria Port Authority announcing

To invite tenders or general public bids for ElDekheila Cafeteria for three years to an area of 80m2 in ElDekheila Port Central Department building (logistic No2)

Bid Details


Important Announcement

- Managing, Operating and marketing the trade center project in touristic passengers' terminal in Alexandria Port among the specialized companies in this field.
- Granting advertizing clearance in ElDekheila and Alexandria Ports to the companies that want to put advertisement which belong to them in ElDekheila and Alexandria Ports.

 Announcement details

Important notice to shipping chamber

Mrs. / Shipping Chamber

Good Greetings,

According to A.P.A which do its best to develop and improve the level of service to the shipping agencies, so we would like to inform you that A.P.A published a program to offer the technical support to the shipping agencies of system SPS in the electronic site of authority where the shipping agencies could register a report of the demanded technical support and obtaining automatically of privet number from the program for this demand and also offer the demand to the concerned team to have quick solve, it is possible to follow your demand and know the level of achievement around 24/7,365 Days a year we have also telephone numbers  03/4863278 – 03/4807325 – they are dedicating to offer the technical support to the system SPS around 24h – 24 – 7 -  365 Day,
Please be informed that, shipping agencies have to send representative from every agency to receive the user name, password and training of how can you use the program.