The Regularity of stevedoring operation in Alex. and ElDekheila Ports although raining:

Mr. / Reda ElGhandour the formal speaker of Alexandria port assured the regularity of stevedoring operation although raining and the department of ship movement in the port is following up the meteorological measurements on a regular basis to be sure of wind speed and wave height register rates which allow the movement of tugs launches and ships safely.
ElGhandour added that the existing ships No. at the port reached 75 ships, charge and discharge operations are being done for 34 ships mooring on berths, 34 ships on the outer anchor, 9 ships on the inner anchor, about trucks traffic there are 10000 general truck entered end exited from and to the port during the last 24 hours, also two trains with 2867 ton of wheat exited from the port towards Embaba & Asyut.
Captain / Tarek Shahin – The port Chairman assured that its necessary to continue the stevedoring operations, trucks & cargoes entrance & exit from and to the port in natural way to be careful during stevedoring operations to keep the souls and positions safety.24/10/2019