Port Mission

Our mission at the Port Authority of Alexandria is to contribute to the economic development of Egypt by fostering and stimulating waterborne commerce and shipment of freight. We achieve this by effectively managing the maritime affairs of Alexandria and by accommodating the volume of imports by sea through the provision of adequate docking and cargo handling/storage facilities.
Alexandria being a very popular tourist destination, we strive to assist in the promotion of tourism through the provision of appropriate arrival and departure facilities for cruise ship passengers.
Alexandria Port Authority has established its mission to be the leading port in the Middle East and to promote and facilitate the global maritime trade of Egypt especially with European countries through provisioning of competitive port services and enhancing port capacity to meet customers' future needs.

Port Values

In providing our services we are committed to a set of core values that we embrace deeply:-

1- Client orientation
2- Ethical and professional management
3- Service quality
4- Economic efficiency
5- Transparency and professional conduct
6- Social responsibility
7- Innovation