With the start of the maritime tourism season, the President of Alexandria Port, the workers and officials come forward to decorate the passenger terminal to receive the first cruise ships:

Captain / Tarek Shahin – the Chairman of A.P.A was the first of Laborers and employees to decorate maritime passenger station, its yards and berths to receive the Cyprus cruise ships (SALAMIS FILOXENIA), which came from Cyprus Limassol Port carrying 500 tourists of different nationalities.
Captain / Tarek Shahin – Said that the employees of the port attended in passengers terminal at 7 O'clock in the morning on Friday and they were working as bees to clean and decorate the station which receive the cruise ships., painting the berths and revising all utilities of the station and be sure that it is ready for tourists.
Shahen added that all are working together and there is no difference between a manager and worker which reflect the awareness and patriotism of the Laborers, he instructed the departments to coordinate with each other to be ready to receive the ship and the tourists, in a good feature that match our country Egypt – He also expressed his happiness to see the good spirit among the Laborers and he saw that they were very happy to receive the touristic ship and starting the tourism season. 18-10-2019