Ministry of Transport held an extensive meeting with the head of marine ports to follow up the executive financial position of current projects
Lieutenant General Engineer / Kamel Alwazir:
We work to develop all marine ports according to the comprehensive plan for the Egyptian marine ports to maximize the benefits from the marine sector to support the national economic.
Lieutenant General Engineer / Kamel Alwazir Held an extensive meeting with the head of marine ports (Red Sea Ports – Alexandria Port – Damietta Port – Marine Safety) with head of marine sector in the presence of leadership of the ministry of transport and within the framework of continuous and periodic follow up of the executive and financial position of the projects being implemented at the beginning of the meeting the minister of transport assured the great importance of developing all seaports according to the comprehensive plan of Egyptian maritime ports which is based on taking advantage of Egyptian Ports to serve international trade and increasing its share of transit trade the minister also assured the need to work around the clock and to intensify all works and commit to finish projects for the specific timetables the minister reviewed the investment plane of the general Authority of Red Sea Ports for physical year 2019/2020 where they the financial and executive position of the projects being implemented for the period from 1/7/2019 to 10/9/2019 which included (Supply of ports insurance equipment) the construction and supply of 2 tug boats, of 2 units of solid waste and 2 which service and replacement and renovation of (2) gearbox for machines as well as supplying 1000m floating barriers to combat pollution and supply a number 2 fire extinguishing cars and supply of equipment to combat pollution and environmental protection marine environment with cost 10 million LE will be finished in June 2020 and increase the building facilities in ports beside renewing and the outer rest in Hurghada Port and increase the efficiency of Nuweiba Port  berths and renewing Triptik Zone, increasing capacity of store building by constructing outer waiting area for trucks in Safaga Port.
The Minister directed to do physical study specialize for multipurpose terminal in Safaga Port.
The Minister of transport also reviewed the financial and executive position of the projects being implemented in Damietta Port, which included the second the construction of the second container terminal, designs are currently being reviewed, a memorandum of understanding is being assigned with the international operator Euroject to operate it also build and supply (4) tractors tugs with tug weight (60) ton also the multipurpose terminal is 681m and depth 17m and building beside supplying a pollution control boat, building & Constructing a pilotage boat, supplying & Constructing an electricity station work by solar energy in the building with 100 kilowatt, deepening developing waterway to bee 18m. The duration dock to be 17m amendments the water break according to the result of studying and constructing a Pascal Scale railway 120ton for G. Cargoes to a activate movement of cargo transport by railway and supporting the workshops with all needed from tools and equipment.
About Alex. Port Authority the minister of transport reviewed the financial and executive position of the projects being implemented 2019/2020 in Alexandria Port which included building and supplying two tugs with tug weight 40 ton multipurpose, two tugs with tug weight 50 ton multipurpose, supplying 1 boat, constructing multistory garage in Alex. Port, infrastructure works of commercial for wood Co. land which added to Alex. Port and increase the customs fence height, also constructing two stores in ElDekheila Port with area 2500m2, 3500m2 besides constructing customs fence around commercial wood Co. land, besides which was added to Alex. Port, besides supporting and rehabilitate the water break project in Alex. Port (Third Stage), project of rehabilitate and increasing the efficiency of (ELNGMA) Star lighthouse constructing free joint to connect Alex. Port with the international coast way in 54 Zone and the axis connect ElDekheila Port with the coastal way, minister of transport also reviewed the newest matters of logistic zone project in Alexandria Port ElNobarya Canal about the financial and executive current position in the investment plan for the physical year 2019/2020 Egyptian Authority for marine safety, where his Excellency reviewed the latest matter of increasing the efficiency of no. of lighthouses, terminals, me towers, he also assured  to quick finishing all these projects because of the importance of the authority on organizing and management the maritime safety. 14-9-2019