Alexandria Port received the participants the second Italian and Egyptian forum about the logistics and maritime transport:
Alexandria Port received a delegate from the participants in the second Egyptian and Italian forum about the logistics and maritime transport in its day.
Captain / Tarek Shahin – the Chairman in A.P.A had instructed the specialists in the port to cooperate between Alexandria Port and Italian Ports according to the instructions of the ministry of transportation his Excellency Lieutenant General Engineer / Kamel ElWazeer – assured that the Egyptian government is keen and interested in supporting the maritime transport system as it considered the main economic growth to countries the meeting started by Admiral / Hosam ElReweny - the vice chairman of Alexandria Port for operating then he showed the comprehensive strategy to develop Alexandria Port and increasing the completion ability where the where the Egyptian country is aiming to change Egypt to be world center of Energy, trade and logistics in the world, African and territorial level and also showing the investment opportunities in the port, its efforts to attract new lines, then the port showed the steps which started by the port to facilitate the procedures to the people who treat with the maritime transport and ports, and the steps that raise the rates of loading and unloading and reduce the time of staying of cargo in the port.
Then it is started discussions through technical workshops that held between the Italian and Egyptian responsible, the forum attended by two vices of Alexandria Port Chairman of operating, investment, the Port leaders, Italian trade representative and high level delegate from the Italian Ports and a group from high experts and specialists in the field of maritime transport.
The Minister of Transportation his Excellency Lieutenant General Eng. / Kamel ElWazeer – attended the first day of the forum the sign of memorandum between Alexandria Port Authority and Livorno Port Authority to start projects and achieving the electronic join. 22-10-2019