Alexandria port gives five pilgrimage visas and a bag for workers:

Mr/ Reda El Ghandour - The formal speaker of Alexandria port declared that R.Adm/ Hussam El Reweiny - The director of Port Authority has handed over pilgrimage visas and air tickets and a bag for hajj supplies for five workers in Alexandria port Authority according to specialized visas for ministry of transport from the general secretariat of council of ministers and the rule issued in the regard R.Adm / El Reweiny gave the visas according to a lottery which win in 5 Ladies who:
Sahar Ramadan Mohamed Afifi , Magda Abdal Fatah Abd Elhady Morad , Sohair Mohamed Mahgoup Mohamed, Rawya El sayed Hassan Badawi and Aml Farouk Mahmoud Owis.     29-7-2019