Alexandria Port is seeking to facilitate the procedures and support the export of agriculture crops:

Captain / Tarek Shahen – Chairman of A.P.A had a meeting with the export council responsible of agriculture crops the meeting was attended by the companies' one another who are working at export the agriculture crops to study the problems and the procedures that Facing the export of these crops.
Captain / Tarek Shahen - Declared that the port is ready to offer all facilities to support the exporting of agriculture crops starting from trucks entering to its departing on ships this is to achieve the public behalf.
Captain / Tarek Shahen – Listened to the complains and suggestions of companies representatives who are working in this field, he instructed to overcome the obstacles and facilitate the procedures which enable these companies to complete, Captain / Shahin announced that we have instructions from his Excellency the Minister of transportation Lieutenant General Eng. / Kamel ElWazeer - to finish quickly and facilitate everything and reduce the procedures increasing the loading and unloading, rate improve the services and maximize the revenues, all the labors in the port have a complete convince to achieve these instruction to improve the level of performance in the port.