A meeting at Alexandria Port to quickly finish a permanent place to the common examination committee in the examination yards in Alexandria Port to finish the problem of delay the procedures of control examine for cargoes

Captain / Tarek Shahen – Chairman of A.P.A had a meeting with the committee to implement the republic resolution No. 110 in 2000 which grant Chairmen of Ports Authorities the authority of administrative supervision in all departments in the ports to discuss the topics which exist in the port and search any problem that facing the work and how we can overcome these obstacles to increase the efficiency of operating, specially what is facilitate the common examine committee and also discussing the meeting papers that held in maritime transport sector about the agreement of maritime traffic FAL in all Egyptian Ports and overcome all obstacles that belong to handling the seven agreement models with the modern figure and distributed in all departments to handle these models electronically.
At the beginning the meeting Captain / Tarek Shahin Pointed that the executive situation of procedures to facilitate customs clearance of cargoes to serve the trade and industry sector in Egypt and he clarified that the government is interested developing this file before the end of this year,
Shahin assured that execute the instructions of Admiral /Kamel ElWazeer – the Minister of Transportation to assure for all departments to be one hand to overcome all challenges and having good progress is a must in this file specially after forming the common examine committee in the port which specialize in all works of examine and watching and draw samples, this committee included representatives of the Egyptian Customs Department, the General control Authority of import and export , food safety authority, safe companies and the rest of concerns departments according to the commodity that will examine.
During the meeting it was agreed to equip a permanent place to the examination committee in the examination yards of the port to all concerns departments and we will have machines and supply them with the used technology appliances in the ports to have quickly all different documents, we will have also the average time finish all procedures to clearance the cargoes after activities the suggested procedures in this topic.
Shahin clarified that the community of work in the port and the formed committee members that existed with the republic resolution No. 110 as essential partners in the developing operation and the Port Authority is keen and careful to invite from time to time the companies who are interested in the field of works in the port to discuss their opinions about developing the work and solving any obstacles they face quickly, all department and leaders spoke about the great importance from the chairman of A.P.A to achieve the public benefit to our country and all parties.