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Admiral/  Medhat Attia Speech
The chairman of Alexandria port Authority

At the 1St Session of the social meeting that had been held to discuss how to develop the berths 55-62 and to operate the multipurpose terminal at Alex.port

Dearest congress members attendance & Specialized

We welcome you all a the 1 st session of the social meeting that had held by the port to discuss the enviromental & Social meeting to develop berths 55-62 and to operate the multipurpose terminal at Alex. port
The Egyptian group for multipurpose terminals establish multipurpose terminal at berths 55-62 at Alex. port with total area 560.000 m length 2480 m and depth 17 m.
The handling capacity will going to be 15-18 m million ton annually.
The container handling will be 250.000 T.E.U and well as receiving 6 ships at the same time. Project total cost 550 million Dollars.
This project will raise the port classification and will offer a great positive effect on the maritime transport system.
Ladies & Gentelmen
(People) Man couldn't build world (Global) and establish the Societies unless the positive interaction with others .
One of the effective ways to build relations between human is speech with specialized human than other creations.
Speech achieves has many aims as:

1- Spreading peace between human with good society.
2- Building society by communication societies exchange ideas information's to the society and individuals developed.
3-Communication speech is the way to renew the negative and positive sides experience exchanged only by speech.
We offer much appreciation to the minister of transport who asked to held this meeting that's why i asked all attendance to listen and make notes.
Democracy leads to get all options and obey to majority view.
Today we are going to listen the opinion view of  the leaders of the ministry of transport leaders , university staff members , press and media.
We are going to increase the no. of sessions if it was necessary

Finally i'd like to thank  you all.

The board of directors of the company had held (The Egyptian group of multi purposes terminals) by attending the minister of transportation Admiral Engineer/ Kamel El Wazeer had follow the last Works of constructing the multi purposes terminal on berth 55 in Alexandria port:

The meeting  was held in the minstry of transportation the board of directors in the company of the Egyptian Group of multi purposes terminal by attending the minister of transportation - Admiral Engineer/ Kamal El Wazeer and Admiral / Mohab Mamesh - The Co. Chairman of Suez Canal Authority and Economic Zone and the members of the board of directors where they discussed the latest contraction work at the multipurpose terminal in berth 55 in Alexandria port where he watched the executing ratios of the project by watching the final designs of the constructing berths and finishing the studies and following the soil study that executing in the port the study of developing the port berths and deeping the exterior and interior of the waterway to receive giant ships and small ships and also the swift protocol sign of supervising the engineering Authority of the project to nominate the project contractors from the Egyptian national companies to execute the berths constructing according to the indicated time table through the project counselors.
The minister of transportation declared that the terminal is executing in area 560.000 meter with berths 2480 meter length and the 17 meter length and the handling capacity increased from 15 to 18 million tons annually and the containers handling will record one million two hundred and fifty thousand TEU.
The terminal can receive 6 ships in the same time and he added that the total cost of the project will be 550 million Dollars.
Admiral/ Mohab memsh pointed that executing this terminal will increase Alexandria port classification of and all facilities of Suez Canal Authority will be used to succeed this project which will have a great positivr effect in maritime transport system in  Alexandria.
We want to mention that the posses of this company will return to Alexandria port Suez canal and the maritime transport of holding company with ratios 33.33 and 34 consecutively.  11-6-2019


An important notice of shipping chamber

Sirs/ shipping chambers

Our greetings:

According to the A.P.A work to develop and improve the offered service level to the shipping agencies ,

it is pleasure to inform you that A.P.A had put a program to offer the technical support to the shipping agencies of system SPS in the electronic Site of A.P.A where the shipping agencies could register to have the needed technical support , then they will have automatic private number from the program of this needed , then the work team will solve any problem and has the ability to follow the needed the level of the work achievement all the time 365/7/24 and also we have the telephones 4807325-4863278 for technical support for the system SPS  all the time 365/7/24 if you please inform the shipping agencies to send a representative from every agency to receive the user name and password for training how to use the program. 

                                                         Best Regards,

Minister of transportation is continuing his inspection visit in Alexandria government and he is following the executing new development join axis in the west of Alexandria

Finishing of executing ElDekheila axis, free joint which connect Alexandria port with the quick coastal international road with gate zone 54 during next October, it will finish executing the first part of the multi floors garage in Alexandria port will be finished in next June and the second part in next September.
Constructing multi purposes terminal (general cargo – containers in berths from 55 to 62, it will be a big leap in the projects of maritime transport in the port.

The minister of transportation Admiral /, Engineer / Kamel ElWazeer continues his inspection visit in Alexandria government to control some projects that executing by the ministry, where he watched El Dekheila axis where he declared that it was finished of executing the axis except the electric works and he pointed that the project is constructing a free joint to connect El Dekheila port with the coastal international road to solve the problem of traffic jam in entrances and exits of the port and finish the traffic problem in Alexandria ElAgamy road, the port will have the best usage with the great port abilities and raising the efficiency of the movement to and from the port El Dekheila, added that the project will aim to transport the port movement and the industrial zone that reach to be 3500 trucks daily now, it will expect to reach to 5000 trucks during 3 years to the quick road (international road) directly without passing the dwelling areas which cannot receive the heavy transport movement, it causes some accidents and stopping the traffic movement in the areas of El Dekheila and El Agamy Bitach,
Then the minister went to follow the project of constructing free joint that connect Alexandria port with the quick coastal international road with the zone of gate No. 54 where the minister instructed to finish the work quickly and accelerate in executing ratios and remove any obstacles for these works to finish the project next October 2019 and he added that this project will participate to facilitate the traffic movement and the operations of transporting cargoes from Alexandria till the international coastal bridge to lighten the crowdedness and the traffic jam in ElMex street and finish the problem of phenomenon of heavy trucks in general streets in the west of the governorate that cause crowdedness and harm the roads.
The admiral – Engineer / Kamal ElWazeer watched also the executing works of the multi floors garage in the port that is constructed in 15000 m2 which considered great addition to the storage areas in the port, it consists of 4 floors, three from them to the customs storage and it can receive about 2800 cars the fourth daily usage of clients, it is constructed from a concrete part with the same figure to achieve the best models of constructing and receive the cars movement according to the Egyptians garages code, it is expected to reach the receiving capacity of the garage to about 162000 cars annually, and he instructed to finish the works quickly to have two floors from the garage to Alexandria port authority next June 2019 to store the cars to finish in next September 2019, he added that there are some projects which are executing in Alexandria port such as constructing multipurpose terminal (general cargo – containers) in the berths from 55 to 62 which represent a great in the maritime transport projects in the port.
Admiral / Medhat Attia - the chairman of A.P.A presenting best wishes for mass media of the occasion of israa and meraaj and his prayers to Allah to repeat this occasion with good and blessings and we hope for our loved Egypt developing, welfare, security, safe and stability… every year and you are good.
Minister of transportation finish ElDekheila axis before the end of next April and finishing constructing a free joint that connect Alexandria port with the quick coastal international road in gate area 54 to finish it next January 2020.
The minister of transport – engineer / kamel Elwazeer had a control watching in Alexandria and ElDekheila port to follow the executing ratios in some projects in the port, where he passed and watched ElDekheila port axis where the minister instructed to finfish it before next April and he declared that the project is constructed a free joint to connect El Dkheila port with the coastal international road to finish the problem of traffic jam in the entrances and exits of the port specially in the road of Alexandria ElAgamy which reduce the best usage of the port abilities and increase the movement efficiency to and from ElDekheila port, in addition to the project is aiming to transfer the port  movement and the industrial area that reach to 3500 trucks daily and we expect to reach to 5000 trucks during 3 years in the high way (the international, road) directly without passing the inhabitants areas which cannot receive the heavy transport movement which cause some accidents and the traffic stops in some areas in ElDekheila, ElAgamy ElBitach, then the minister had watched ElDekheila port where he watched the cars storage yards, Iron storage yards and also the works of executing the liquid bulk storage and handling terminal in area 6000 m2 in the first zone in El Dekheila port.   26-5-2019