Alex. Port employees started a cleanliness campaign in the port
Mr. /Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of A.P.A declared that there is a group of youth and ladies of the port started a cleanliness campaign in the streets, yards, berths and the waterway surface under motto (a love day of the port) and many laborers participated to clean the streets and removing the rubbish piles, that started from gate 10 until maritime services zone and gate27, this campaign that organized by laborers syndicate to clean the streets, yards, berths and the water surface from residues, it also aiming to have awareness to the people who treated with the port of the importance of the streets cleanliness and repair them, purify the surface, the services of sanitary, cleaning the berths and yards, the campaign continue for four days continuously in the port, a group from workshops department and number of the laborers started to weld the spoiled from the iron barriers and painted them, the berths and the guidance signs, there are different departments participated in the first day and the campaign supplied with the possibilities, technicians, equipment and tools, Captain / Tarek Shahin – the Chairman of A.P.A said that this campaign started after the meeting between the Lieutenant General / Kamal ElWazeer with the laborers in Authority, he encouraged them to develop Alexandria Port, Captain / Shahin expressed his happiness to have enthusiasm among the laborers where he directed to publish this awareness and culture among the laborers through this campaign actually, Captain / Shahin thanked the syndicate, the volunteers from employees and the participated workers in this campaign, Mr. / Omar Salim the syndicate chairman declared that the laborers are enthusiastic to support the new leadership in Alexandria Port to the world.