President of Alexandria Port meets workers on the occasion of the Prophet's birthday

Captain Tarek Shahin, Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, held an extensive meeting with the staff in support of effective communication with the Authority's staff and motivating them to exert more efforts to improve the Authority and increase its revenues.
This came within the celebration held by the Department of Welfare of Employees on the occasion of the celebration of the Prophet's birthday, where the representative of the Ministry of Awqaf gave a lecture on this occasion in which he stressed the example of the Prophet peace be upon him in his grandfather and diligence, and in his love to work and master, and in his call for the love of the homeland and people.
Captain Shaheen also delivered a speech on this occasion, in which he stressed the need to make every effort to improve the level of performance to achieve the highest revenues, and reduce the duration of stay of ships and goods in the port.
During the celebration, Shaheen stressed the importance of meeting employees and interacting with them in order to unify the direction and know the vision and plans of the Authority and its objectives to work as one team to achieve these goals.
Shaheen added that we must express our celebration of the Prophet's birthday in practice, saying that we must express our love for the Messenger of Allah to work and not to say, and during the ceremony captain Tariq Shahin thanked the staff of the Authority for the effort exerted, asking them to make greater efforts in the coming period.



During the third set of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings Egyptian group for multipurpose terminals

Lieutenant General Engineer / Kamel Al-wazir :

•The company will establish, exploit and manage the multi-purpose station on the berths from 55 to 62 in Alexandria port and the areas, squares and adjacent lands.
•55 berth 55 project is one of the most important projects that the ministry of transport is undertaking in the field of maritime transport.

Minister of transport lieutenant general / Kamel Al-wazir presided over the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meeting of the Egyptian group for multi-purpose stations, in the presence of General / Osama Rabie, Chairman of Suez Canal Authority and chairman and board members,
Leaders of the ministries of transport and business sector, Suez Canal authority and holding company for maritime and land transport,

The ordinary general assembly approved the minutes of the meeting of the constituent assembly of the company held on 11/10/2018 and adopted the decisions of the minister of transport no. 451 and no. 660 of 2019 regarding the restructuring of the board of directors and the appointment of the chairman of the board of directors (Major General Bahri / Abdel Qader Darwish).

It was also approved to amend some articles of the company's articles of association so as to contribute to the achievement of the company's objectives more and more thoroughly during the extraordinary general assembly and the articles approved to amend article no. 3, which became stipulated after the amendment that the purpose of establishing the company is based on the establishment and exploitation management of a multi-purpose terminal on berths from 55 to 62 in Alexandria port and its adjacent lands and yards, as well as container terminals, silos for storing and storing grain, loading and unloading, storage and warehousing services, and managing multi-purpose stations in different ports inside Egypt and outside, carrying out customs clearance works for the company or for the benefit of others and the work of the shipping agency except for the services of transporting tourists as well as carrying out construction projects of infrastructure and marine ports of various inside and outside the Arab republic of Egypt for the company or for the benefit of others.

Engineer / Kamel Al-wazir stressed that the project of establishing berth 55 in Alexandria port is one of the most important projects that the ministry of transport is establishing in the field of maritime transport. Alexandria port is one of the most important Egyptian ports, where most of the exports and imports are carried out.
He pointed out that this project will increase the classification of the port of Alexandria, which will have a significant positive impact on the maritime transport system, pointing out that the establishment of the station will be on an area of 560 thousand meters along the berths of 2480 m.4/11/2019


The strait of Alexandria and ElDekheila opened after meteorological condition improvements
Reda ElGhandour – the formal speaker of Alexandria Port Authority Said that Ship & Cargoes Traffic Department decided on Friday 25th of October noon at 2 O'clock pm to open the strait after the meteorological conditions slightly improved, wind speed and waves height and visibility degree reached acceptable rates which allows ships to and from the port.
Concerned port's departments immediately started entering ships at the outer anchor according to berthing priority.
Captain / Tarek Shahin - The Chairman of A.P.A instructed all departments to be careful and committed to Occupational Safety and Health terms to maintain possessions and souls, ships, trucks and cargoes exiting and entering the port safely.

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